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People have come to know the word Meetup as meaning a website you go to, where you can find groups that hold events in your area. There is no doubt that is the king when it comes to event organizing.

But more and more people are using alternative platforms such as Facebook, Eventbrite, Mobilize, Eventpeg and others. Finding groups or events in your area can be difficult, especially on Facebook.

The purpose of this site is to provide a directory of groups, regardless of which platform they are using. You can browse by location or category or simply enter key words.

While the actual word “meetup” is owned by people are so used to it that they use it to refer to their events wherever they post them. With this in mind, this site uses the word “listing” and we are not affiliated with in any way. We feel the website name is justified because a lot of the listings will be pointing to groups.

How to add your listing
To add your group to the directory, you first need to create an account by registering for the site. You then fill out the Add Listing form in the menu above. If your location or category does not currently exist, it will be added to the site.

Once you submit the form, you will be directed to the payment page, where you can pay for your listing. The fee is nominal, at $5. You only need to pay annually, and you can then add as many listings as you like.

The fee is needed to cover hosting costs and compensate the site admin for the work needed to process your listing and maintain the site. We have kept it as low as feasible.

Contacting a group owner
When you find a group that interests you, and you are registered with this site, you will see a new form has appeared below the search form. This enables you to contact the owner directly if you would like to learn more about their group.

They will see your email address, but you will not see theirs (You do not need to use your registration email). This is to prevent people or spambots from harvesting emails on the site. It is up to the group owner how they will then reply to you.